Saturday, May 6, 2017

Emmerson's First Holy Communion

Saturday, May 6th, 2017 Emmerson received her first holy communion.  She was very excited and a little nervous about her big day.  She could not wait to wear her fancy outfit but was nervous about the mass.  

After she was all ready we saw her just looking at herself in the mirror. 

We think she looked perfect! 

She had to be at the church early for pictures and a quick run through so we got to snap a few extra pictures. 

She caught me taking pictures so she had to be silly for a few! 

Emmerson's teacher, Mrs Gross

Emmerson made this banner to hang on our pew. 

Sweet girls all ready

When they walked in they got to walk through the church twice so everyone got a good look. 

Then they sit with their families until their part in mass. 

This was Father Steve's last year at STA.  He retired in July. 

These two were not going to be left out...

Celebrating Two Special Firsts

A first birthday and a first communion are both worthy of a big celebration! 

Emmerson was so excited to share a special day with her baby sister. 

All decorated and ready for our guest...

I caught them peeking out watching people get here!  It was so fun to see so many people we love. 

Like a few of her sisters Caroline has no problem with all the attention being on her...

Emmerson is the family photographer

Ready for cake

She was impressed with the singing! 

She was all smiles 

Then she realized it was time to try the cake...

We have never had a baby like the eating part....not the mess or the taste! 

We had a great day celebrating two very special milestone for our ladies.