Sunday, September 3, 2017

Audrey's 4th Birthday Party

Audrey loves to swim and we spent most of our summer in the water, so it only made sense to have a birthday swim party for her.

The kids all had a great time. 

Our sweet girl still loves donuts. 

Caroline loves pizza. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Audrey's Daddy Date

Audrey was so excited for her 4th birthday date with Daddy.   

They went downtown to have dessert and walk around the circle. 

The littlest lady insisted on getting in on the action. 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

August FUN

August arrived so quickly and back to school is looming.  So we soaked up all the down time we could before school started and enjoyed every minute of the weekends once they were back at it. 

I literally have no idea what they are pretending most of the time but there are always lots of props and smiles. 

She is very busy...

We joke that our babies are like puppies, they can't resist anyone laying on the floor. 

Caroline found Audrey's hiding place for all her special things...

We love all our time at the park. 

And our lazy time at home. 

We still spend plenty of time at the Children's Museum. 

Due to construction on our house we lost our backyard in early August and we have spent a lot of time keeping busy out front. 

They are getting so big and have found a love for accessories.

We snuck in one last (quick) trip to Fort Wayne.  We spent a lot of time at the pool.

Audrey loves that she can touch. 

Caroline talked some ice cream out of Claire! 

She loves the water. 

Caroline loves the bounce house too. 

Dress up still happens daily! 

Since we can't get to our playset in the backyard we have visited lots of parks.

They spend hours standing at these doors watching the workers. 

I looked over at Caroline at the pool and she was drinking out of a random water...

The big girls back to school date was pedicures, dinner, and shopping. 

I always let the girls plan their last day of summer. 

This year it was 100 acres, bagels, and lots of playing at home.