Thursday, March 2, 2017

Ballet/Tap Class with the Kemper Girls

The 3 big girls took a ballet class with Quinn and Marin.  They were so excited to spend some weekly time with the Kemper girls. 

All ready for the first class

This little lady was excited to take ballet again especially when she heard the last half of the class was tap dancing. 

Claire, Audrey, and Quinn were in the first class so Emmerson and Marin helped the little kids peek in on them. 

Emmerson and Marin were in the bigger kid class.

During the last class the little girls did a little performance for us. 

Overall the girls loved the class and spending time with a couple of their favorites. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Audrey has had a great year at school.  She adores her teachers and so do we!  They send us pictures weekly so here are a few of the things she has done with year. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February FUN

Winter months are sometimes just what we need.  A good reason to stay home and enjoy the time together.  

I love when I walk in the room and see all 4 girls snuggled up together. 

Now that she is so fast, she is always at your feet looking up. 

Audrey was excited to find Claire's dance shoes while she was at school. 

I am not sure who likes when it is our Friday to serve pizza more...the little girls or the big girls?!?

We have lots of fires and play lots of games on the weekends. 

and read lots of books! 

Our fortune teller...

This is Caroline's favorite spot in the house. 

I have no idea why people look at me like I am crazy when we are out shopping! 

The big girls are turning into quite the little readers. 

Someone is always climbing on Daddy.

Never with the first baby would this be an have to make a rule that if you put the baby on the counter you have to watch her! BUSTED! 

I can't resist at sleeping baby! 

Silly girls. 

Another little lady loves to sit in this chair. 

These two would stand here all day. 

Claire asked me to straighten her hair.  She was pleased with the results. 

She is getting so big and is into everything! 

Yes, it's February and she is wearing a bathing suit acting like the Elf on the Shelf...

The annual dance program is always a hit. 

Audrey is getting so big too and is so funny!  I love spending my days with her. 

These two are great roommates.  I love watching Caroline tell her good night each night before I feed her. 

We ended February with a fun night at the Kempers. 

Our two sweet C's in their C shirts.  This is the photo shoot the moms had been dreaming of. 

Colin handles being the only boy well! 

The big girls were busy having 100 weddings the entire night.  Daddy made a very good priest!