Monday, February 27, 2017

10 months old

Another month has gone by so very quickly.  We are trying to slow life down and enjoy each moment with this sweet girl.  Now that Caroline is all over the place the big girls think it is great that she can keep up.  She makes sure she is right in the middle of the fun at all times.  Other than her still hating bottles there isn't much that makes her unhappy.  She doesn't know a stranger, loves to play with anything she can get her hands on, adores her sisters, and loves to dance.  She has 7 teeth, maybe more but I don't dare check anymore because she is not afraid to use those teeth! She is a great sleeper and a good little roommate for Audrey. 

When she wakes up she waits in the corner until we come in.  She squeals with delight when the door opens. 

She is still all smiles all the time! 

She is all over the place and into everything.

Here is a day in the life of Caroline...

If you even look her direction this is the look you get back! 

Taking all 4 out and about is a whole new ballgame now that she is mobile...and FAST! 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Daddy's Birthday

Daddy's birthday fell on a weekend this year.  That was so exciting to the girls.  No one had school or work.

We started his day by taking him out to breakfast.

We gave him one of his gifts then.  A trip to see Uncle Matt and the boys.  He was so excited.

He got lots of extra cuddles. 

The girls made his cake.  If you look close you MIGHT be able to tell. 

Everyone wanted to read him the card they made.

The girls loved celebrating him all day long! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

The girls love holidays so they usually do must of the planning of how we will spend the day.  Valentine's Day brings lots of pink and purple and lots of heart crafts.

Audrey was very pleased with all the stuff she got from school but, especially proud of her "marry ring". 

Dressing the part is very important to the 3 big girls. 

Daddy always brings flowers home to all of the girls!  


Small gifts 

and a heart pizza are always a must!  

With fancy "wine" of course. 

We ended the day with a family movie.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January FUN

January always seems to fly by due to being in Florida for the first week.  When we get home we are always ready to just be home and slow down a bit after the holidays.  

These girls are always pretending something.  This was "class picture day" at school.  

Caroline can empty a toy bin in a matter of seconds! 

How do they get so big so fast?

 I love when I walk in the room and I see all 4 of the girls sitting so close they are touching for no reason. 

Lots of lazy cuddling happens in the winter.

Oh Audrey! 

Caroline is VERY fast now! 

She was very busy giving everyone their orders. 

We had a few really warm winter days and we were excited to get outside. 

We even got to try out our new neighborhood park. 

I am pretty sure we played 1 million games of uno this winter.

I love when new crawlers get stuck in corners! 

We went on a field trip with Claire's class to see Pete the Cat at Clowes. 

I didn't think anyone could love their blanket as much as Claire and Audrey but I was wrong! 

Everything is better when the big girls get home from school. 

Cousin Charlotte came to play.  It's so cute to see the girls together.  

Charlotte doesn't seem to mind the big girls being all over her. 

Audrey and I went to Holliday Park with her class for a winter walk and to learn about where animals go in the winter.